Lyndal Thorne

A photographic journey through natural burial 

Exploring the journey of death and natural burial through a suite pf photos that document my personal experience of caring for my father after his death and through our family-led natural burial

Rees Campbell

Bush to banquet - Tasmanian Wild Foods

Rees promotes the normalising of eating Tasmanian native plants as part of our mixed horticultural and culinary heritage, and the values a bio-diverse garden can bring to ourselves, our community, and our environment.


Jeff McClintock

Pigface Pancakes – community gardening at UTAS
An overview of sustainability at UTAS, with a focus on our 'edible campus' strategy of promoting the growing of fresh produce and native food plants on the university’s campuses



Brian Shearston

The power of community radio

An explanation of the purpose of community radio and a brief description of how Coast FM can assist other community groups to promote their activities.

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Kathryn Cherchez

Seed Libraries - a growing interest

Seed Libraries present an exciting opportunity to bring the community of gardeners together to grow and share seeds and other plants. We’ll take a look at the libraries across the north west and how they run as well as delve into the basics of growing, harvesting and processing seed to share!

Teresa Beck-Swindale

Travels with my suitcase; from Tasmania in search of sound

A presentation of my recently published richly illustrated musical travelogue memoir with a call to action: to save the planet, now.



Emily Jones

Farmers for climate action 

Kim Kerze

Speculative Ecologies; an investigation into techno-acceleration and prophetic culture.

Drawing from Cinema, contemporary thought, and speculative fiction Kim will examine

the relationship between capitalism as a limitless system of expansion that is (re)creating the world in its image, and the ecological limits of the earth, the biosphere and the human.


Trisha Striker

Modern Slavery – How Sustainable Living Can Tackle the Exploitation of People and Create a Fairer and Safer World

Slavery is present today in greater numbers than ever before in history, trapping over 40 Million people worldwide in the production of the goods and services that Australians consume daily. Eradicating Modern Slavery is a fundamental aspect of sustainability, it must be considered in the transition to a 'green economy'.

Modern slavery is complex. It exists at the intersection of many other issues. Addressing it requires all parts of society to work together. Join Trisha for a practical discussion of what we can do as individuals, community groups and businesses to tackle this issue and create a safer future for all.



Colin Lawrence

Renewables, keeping the lights on

For those wondering about generating electricity or how renewables fit into the electricity picture.

This presentation, with practical demos, aims to give an introduction to making and distributing electricity and the challenges of using renewables to supply towns and other consumers.




Theresa Hatton

Speed date a designer

Join Theresa, an award winning building designer with over 29 years’ experience in engineering and building and interior design. Theresa specialises in passive house design, energy efficient design resulting in reduced ecological footprint.5 minutes to ask your questions about your design or ideas or plans.


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